One of the unique features of Lemontree Academy is individual age programs and specific age appropriate classrooms for EACH stage of your child’s development.

We understand the many differences between infants, one-year olds, two-year olds, three-year olds, and four-year olds!

As your child progresses from program to program at Lemontree Academy, they become increasingly ready for their smooth transition into Kindergarten and are ready to continue to LEARN, EVERY DAY!


Kaplan’s CURRICULUM / Learn Every Day™

Lemontree has adopted the prestigious Kaplan’s Learn Every Day. Which is a comprehensive curriculum for preschoolers based on current research written by national experts. The 36 units and more than 1,300 activities incorporate literacy, math, science, social studies, and the creative arts in ways that will enable your students to Learn Every Day!

The Kaplan’s Learn Every Day Curriculum provides a unique opportunity for Teachers to create weekly Learning Experience Plans by taking into consideration the individual interests of each child in their classroom.

The Individualized Learning System includes a truly dedicated team of qualified teachers, state of the art classrooms, weekly individualized learning experience plans, and portfolios for each child recording their progress, regular developmental assessments and one-on-one parent conferences held on a regular basis.

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