Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs for Child Development

We are excited to announce that Lemontree is enhancing our program through two new special programs. The following programs offered in the afternoons for children enrolled in full-day sessions as optional classes for those who wish to join in the fun! These classes are a la carte and fee-based. No more hauling your children all over town for these enrichment’s, we have an all-in-one solution.

We are welcoming “Lemontree Karate” and “Contemporary Dance” to our exciting line-up.

Lemon Tree Karate

"Our karate classes offer an exciting introduction to the world of martial arts. Karate instills a strong foundation of self-discipline and confidence in our children".

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Little Lemons (Ages 3-5) – Designed to enhance skills involving group activities and motor skill enhancements. Students have fun and learn developmental coordination while they grow and develop.

Evening Martial Arts Instruction (Ages 5+) – The evening program is designed for students of all ages, to train their body, mind, and spirit.

Our trainers are CPR and first aid certified.

Our Teaching Objectives
– To teach you to be active so that nothing can disturb your peace of mind
– To help you acquire and learn valuable life skills that you can apply to everyday life
– To think only the best, and to do your best in all of your goals and aspirations
– To not live in fear and to be confident in yourself in all areas of their life
-To forget and learn from your mistakes, and concentrate on more significant achievements of the future
– To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others
-To be respectful of others needs and wants
-To do your best in all areas of academic development and to place a high value on education
-To teach leadership and a sense of the contribution of service to others

Lemon Tree Contemporary Dance

"Our new dance program teaches children basic dance steps and encourages them through their own independent movements. This enrichment program gives children the opportunity to participate in social, cultural, and creative dances."

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“LemonDrop Dancers” (Ages 3-12) – Designed to enhance skills involving

  • Jazz , Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Majorette

Our Dancers are CPR and first aid certified.

Our Teaching Objectives

Dance provides kids to jump shake and get their giggles while enhancing their flexibility, coordination, and improving their motor skills. Dance also helps to strengthen a child’s core, helping them to stand taller and have healthy bodies.

Our dance programs help students with confidence! When a step they have been struggling with is mastered, they will have a new found confidence to realize that hard work, perseverance, and pursuing goals is worth it! This can even give children a new motivation and reason to complete high school and graduate

The best part? We turn these creative skills into unique dances that will wow your friends and family!