About Us

Our Mission

To prepare young children to realize their potential as students on the path to becoming college and career-ready, with learning and social tools needed to bridge to their future as engaged, concerned citizens.

Our Vision

  • Organized, stimulating, and challenging educational activities, available for each age category, that provoke their curiosity and a passion for learning.
  • Unique spaces in a safe environment where each child grows comfortably at their own pace.
  • Group engagement that stimulates creativity.
  • Fostering individual thinking with listening, learning, and motor skills, to promote social and emotional growth.

Lemon Tree Academy provides a safe and secure learning environment to prepare its student children to excel during their preschool and elementary education years through the use of a successful curriculum and maintenance of a supportive environment.

The Center employs technology, stimulating learning materials, and age-appropriate equipment along with professionally trained staff to educate and care for children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. The entire staff is passionate about maintaining a safe, inviting educational environment to provide high-quality childcare and early development services for working parents.

Educational programs administered by certified and degreed educators following a proven curriculum that provides each child with an enriched–but fun–learning experience, will prepare them to excel in elementary school. If successful, the Center will ignite a passion in each child for a lifetime of learning.

Infants through Prekindergartners are assessed on developmental skills that are known predictors of later success in school and beyond, including:

  1. Language and Literacy Development
  2. Social and Emotional Development
  3. Physical Development and Wellness
  4. Cognitive Development
  5. Creative Expressions
  6. Inclusion Philosophy

At the Lemon Tree Academy, we understand how important children are to their families. We place a significant emphasis on quality education, going over and beyond group norms in the early childhood sector. Our curriculum is designed to provide a considerable advantage in Kindergarten and life.