About Us

Our Mission

To incorporate our eight fundamental core values into children at a young age. To provide a clean, healthy, cultured environment when children are ready for school and responsibility. We focus on eight key elements respect, obedience, politeness, accountability, humility, good manners, friendliness, honesty. These eight essential elements are the foundation we build into every child at Lemon Tree Academy.

Infants through Prekindergartners are assessed on developmental skills that are known predictors of later success in school and beyond, including:

  1. Language and Literacy Development
  2. Social and Emotional Development
  3. Physical Development and Wellness
  4. Cognitive Development
  5. Creative Expressions
  6. Inclusion Philosophy

At the Lemon Tree Academy, we understand how important children are to their families. We place a significant emphasis on quality education, going over and beyond group norms in the early childhood sector. Our curriculum is designed to provide a considerable advantage in Kindergarten and life.

Meet Our President Nina Lemon

  • Founder and Administrator of Lemon Tree Academy since 2013
  • Mother of Isabella Lemon, Isabella grew up at LTA since inception. Nina was able to work and create a safe environment for not only her daughter but 320 families and 27 employees
  • Nina Lemon puts her heart into each classroom and each family she has met
  • Nina Lemon is heavily engaged in self-improvement consultancy around operations, finance, and customer satisfaction
  • A wife to Paul Lemon for currently ten years, who has always supported my mission to provide a safe and positive environment
  • Childcare Owner of the year “Champion Award” 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • Featured on Childcare Rockstar Radio 2019
  • 5 stars Rated on Google since 2014
  • Member of the GCCA 2016 – Current
  • Current Child Development Association since 2011
  • Kris Murray Childcare Success Academy – Member/Presenter