What your infant experiences and learns in the first year of life becomes the foundation that they will build on for the rest of their lives.

Daily Activities

Our infant classroom is an environment that exposes your child to new sounds, sights, tastes, textures, movements, and smells both indoors and outdoors. Each day your child will engage in a variety of physical activities. Our teachers respond to your baby’s cooing and babbling and converse as if the baby understands everything they are saying. Your infant’s schedule is important to us. Our mission is to accommodate as many special considerations as possible so your child’s time away from home is as close to home as possible.

  • Indoor and outdoor play time
  • Exposure to sounds, tastes, textures, movements, and smells
  • We accommodate your considerations and schedules


In the first year of life, infants like to explore objects with their mouths or by kicking, reaching, grasping, pulling and letting go. Kids at this age often smile, laugh, coo and reach out to engage their parents and other caregivers. They love to listen and respond to language by imitating the sounds and rhythms that they hear.

At Lemon Tree Academy we read books, sing songs, imitate sounds, and encourage grasping to develop foundational skills that your baby will need in toddlerhood and beyond.

  • Age appropriate toys and activities
  • Reading and song time to encourage foundational skills


Trusting someone else with your child can be scary but being able to learn about your child’s day can set your mind at ease. Our parent communication app where you can see what teachers are charting about your child in real time like feedings, nap times and selfies!

  • An app to get real-time updates on feedings, nap time, and selfies!
  • Daily activity report and notes
  • Direct access to teachers

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