The cleanliness of our centers is something that we have always been proud of. Our centers are kept in pristine condition and smell fresh, always; that’s the Lemon Fresh guarantee. Here’s a look at some of our unique offerings and innovations.

COVID-19 Response

In addition to the struggles that we all face during this pandemic, the thought of bringing your child back to childcare alone can be overwhelming. We understand the feeling of being torn between having to provide for your family & keeping your child healthy and safe. We invested a lot to ease your worries. Here’s what we did:

  • Hired a team of experts to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize the centres.
  • Installed new hand sanitizing stations.
  • Installed a chemical-free Ultraviolet (UV-C) light sterilization system
  • Purchased new cleaning equipment
  • Added air purifiers
  • Hired a health consultant

Surface Disinfecting

2020 Renovations

We keep our facilities fresh inside out and constantly look for areas of improvement. Here are some of the latest developments at Lemon Tree Academy:

  • Madison Location: Complete renovation of our centre to include 3 new rooms, new hardwood floors throughout!
  • Improvement of security & monitoring for our buildings
  • Pest control, mold test and prevention treatment across all our facilities