In the first few years of life, over 700 new neural connections are formed every second in a child’s brain. These are the connections that build the foundation upon which all learning, behavior, and health depend. Lemon Tree Academy provides preschoolers with a healthy environment in which to learn and grow. Lemon Tree has adopted a prestigious and comprehensive curriculum for preschoolers based on current research written by national experts. The 36 units and more than 1,300 activities incorporate literacy, math, science, social studies, and the creative arts in ways that will enable your students to Learn Every Day!

Daily Activities

In our preschool classrooms, children are asked to start following simple class rules, routines, and directions. Activities have well-defined spaces and focus on different subjects, like math and science. Each day your child will use props for imaginative play, art projects that involve the use of scissors and glue and music and movement time where children sing and dance as they get their wiggles out!

  • Well defined activities with a focus on subjects like math and science
  • Imaginative play and art projects
  • Music and dance time


Preschoolers like to ask a lot of questions and they use their imaginations and creativity to express their ideas in many ways. As preschoolers begin to handle their impulses and feelings better, our teachers use a rewards system that reinforces positive behavior and encourages making good choices.

  • Rewards system to reinforce positive behaviors and making good choices
  • Preschoolers learn all sorts of new skills, such as painting
  • Preschool fun includes lots of activities, such as painting!


Is your preschooler a prima donna? Is your preschooler a star pupil? Being able to learn about your child’s day can set your mind at ease. Brightwheel is our parent communication app where you can see what teachers are charting about your child in real time! When you come to pick up your child you will also receive a report of all the day’s activities and notes about what happened. This tool also allows you to message the center in seconds when you have a question or concern.

  • App to receive real-time updates regarding meals, activities, and selfies
  • Report on all the day’s activities and any notes
  • App allows you to message us

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